1. If the amount of tickets aren’t sold out within the time stated, will the competition still go ahead?

The competitions hold a minimum amount of tickets, if it does not reach this amount of entries within the specified time frame then all entrants will be refunded automatically.

2. How is the winner selected?

The winner is selected almost instantly at the end time of each competition. This is done through a built in algorithm. This cannot be influenced or tampered with.

3. If I win, what happens?

You’ll be notified within the app and via email. If you access your entries page on the app, you will be able to claim the prize from there, this will then ask for your delivery details and a message visible to other users that you are invited to publish. The prize will be delivered to your address provided under the account section on the app within 5 working days. If the prize cannot be delivered, you’ll be contacted on how to claim it 

4. Is there a limit on how many tickets I can purchase per competition?

Yes, Entries are limited depending on the raffle.If it’s a free raffle taking place, there is a limit of one entry per account. 

5. Is it possible to enter the competition from an address outside the UK?

 Yes, our competitions are available for worldwide customers 

6. Where can I see my entries?

You can see your entries in the ‘my draws’ tab on the app